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Chris Phillips

Licensee Salesperson

Chris's enthusiasm for real estate has flourished over 14 years, enriching his expertise in Residential Sales in both New Zealand and Australia. This journey has endowed him with a depth of practical knowledge, making him a trusted advisor for clients engaging in the intricate processes of home and investment transactions.

His commitment to excellence is reflected in his meticulous attention to detail and his adoption of the latest marketing strategies. Chris believes in the power of clear and simple communication. “I aim to demystify the selling process for my clients, explaining it in straightforward terms, free from industry jargon, to help them move forward with certainty," he says.

Chris is particularly skilled at preparing homes for the market, offering practical solutions and continuous support throughout the sales journey. He understands the importance of authentic client relationships, attentively listening to their needs, using effective marketing tools, and providing outstanding follow-up and communication.

For those in search of an agent with a genuine passion, refreshing enthusiasm, and a deep commitment to client satisfaction, Chris is the ideal choice. His ability to connect, comprehend, and deliver on client needs sets him apart as a distinguished professional in the real estate field.

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