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Nicki Tasker

Property Manager

Nicki Tasker is an exceptional Property Manager with a versatile background in Finance, Accounting, and Health & Safety. With her unique skill set and extensive knowledge, Nicki's consistently excells in managing properties with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

With a strong background in finance and accounting,  Nicki possesses a meticulous attention to detail.  She is  She is known for her integrity, transparency, and commitment to delivering exceptional service. She utilises her strong analytical abilities to streamline operations, optimize costs, and maximise returns for property owners and investors.

Furthermore, Nicki's proficiency in Health & Safety regulations ensures that all properties under her management adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance. She is well-versed in identifying and mitigating potential risks, implementing preventive measures, and ensuring thorough inspections are conducted and communicated.

Nicki's organizational skills are second to none. She excels in coordinating maintenance requests, managing property repairs and renovations, and overseeing tenant onboarding and offboarding processes. Her attention to detail guarantees that all administrative tasks, such as Tenancy Agreements, documentation, and tenant communication, are handled efficiently and accurately. Nicki's ability to multitask and prioritize effectively allows her to maintain a high level of productivity while ensuring that the needs of property owners and tenants are met.

With Nicki as your Property Manager, you can trust that your properties will be managed with utmost professionalism, precision, and dedication.