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Victoria Muirhead

Licensee Salesperson

Victoria was born and bred in Christchurch and her genuine passion for the industry make her a valuable asset to anyone navigating the commercial real estate market.  Combined with her upbringing around a property business has provided her with deep understanding of the industry and has undoubtedly shaped her passion in this field.  This passion has naturally led her to focus on commercial real estate as her career path. 

Having a foundation in customer service, sales and administrative roles within residential and commercial real estate, Victoria brings a diverse skill set to her current role.  These experiences have equipped her well rounded understanding of the intricacies involved in real estate transactions.  Additionally, being part owner of a construction business adds another layer of expertise to her skill set, enabling her to understand the construction and development aspects of commercial properties. 

One of Victorias stand out qualities is her ingrained attention to detail and customer care which is crucial in the real estate industry as they can often be complex. Her commitment to honesty and trust establishes her credibility as reliable and professional.  

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or lease a commercial property Victorias combination of industry knowledge, diverse experience, attention to detail and commitment to customer service make her a trustworthy and capable partner.